At DED, we help our distributors grow.
A permanent and extensive range of products, promotional discounts, sub-contracting operations and the conformity of documents for export, dual labelling and the optimisation of containers, underpinned by quality products that conform to international standards… All these elements allow DED to act as a trusted partner to its distributors in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central Europe.

The diversity of our products
Our suppliers, manufacturers and large stores operate across a very wide range of activities. That enables us to offer our clients an extremely wide range of products, covering all our distributors’ essential needs, and including both regular products and opportunities. Sign up to our website, and receive all the news on our promotions, new items and arrivals. (Click here to subscribe.)

Highly competitive prices
Our ability to buy and store in large volumes means we are able to offer sales terms that suit the purchasing power of the target markets, even after expedition costs have been taken into account.

DED’s ethic: quality products
DED’s reputation among its suppliers and distributors is based on mutual trust. DED has also selected products for their quality and compliance with current regulations.

Packing, optimising containers and dual labelling: DED takes care of everything
DED’s warehouse area (15 000 M²) is an essential component of its merchandise dispatch operations. Taking care of the containers ourselves allows us to pack more effectively. This space allows us to take care of dual labelling, a service very much appreciated by the recipients in question. Containers are prepared according to the hazardous nature and specific volumes of the merchandise.

Packing may sometimes incur extra costs. For all price inquiries, contact us.

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