DED is France’s leading specialist in the export of destock current consumer products.
Constantly developing and adapting has enabled the company to go from strength to strength. With 20 years’ experience behind the DED team, the company occupies the top position in destock export to emerging countries.

Export stock clearance: a profession judged by track record.
Thanks to DED’s business terms, suppliers and customers come back to us again and again. Over the years, we have built up the solid experience needed to handle the most complex transactions and product dispatches. DED’s long track record is a guarantee of reliability, which is why many trust us as their export partner in France.

DED, values of a family business
There are many reasons why family-run businesses inspire confidence in customers, including such strengths as: a real desire to perpetuate the company, the commitment of its team members, loyalty, continuity and integrity in the company’s aims, skills and aptitudes that complement each other. France has a strong entrepreneurial tradition of family-run companies with a long term vision.