Export : Destocking and batch selling

Destocking and batch selling : the answer to stock surplus.
The economic constraints that apply to manufacturing and buying products in bulk have led manufacturers and large stores to treat destocking and batch selling as a means of adjusting their buying and production policy. At DED, we enable them to clear surplus stocks without competition, thanks to our network of distributors in countries in Africa, Central Europe and Asia.

Merchandise dispatch. DED facilitates every stage of the administrative process: dispatch, customs procedures and customs controls.
Each country has its own codes, laws can change suddenly and paperwork is becoming more and more complicated. DED works on a daily basis with customs offices and forwarding agents (these are chosen by clients). This enables us to save time and provide rigorous handling and monitoring of the admin process.

Destocking and batch selling… different terms for the same thing.
Destocking or batch selling can be given various names, according to the company, the sector of activity and the location involved. The most commonly-used terms are “destocking” and “batch selling”, but other expressions include end-of-series, end of range, discontinued, discount, cut price, liquidation, clearance, wholesaler, promotion, bargain, whole sale, surplus, mega-discount, mark-down and so on.